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Tom "Maddog" Lynch

Hi,  I am the owner and primary guide for Superior Ice Climbing Adventures and also proud to state we are the first guide service to receive a permit to guide climbers in Pictured Rocks National LakeShore. So come out and let us show you some good clean fun. See You On The Ice !



 “The Hero “

One of the best Instructors I know.

Tallyn has spent the last 15 seasons battling wildfires across our United States! The true definition of a Professional Mountaineer. He is a leader and safety instructor and daily protects and instructs new recruits on how to stay alive in one of the most dangerous environments in the world. Tallyn is our main man and always delivers, insuring our climbers leave the climb safe and skilled. But with all that said, the best part of him is                     Ashley.



”The Real hero “  

Ashley is also a firefighter and as in real life, Tallyn runs around starting controlled burns, and Ashley follows him putting them out. Ashley’s training in safety and instruction is complemented by her superior athleticism and natural talents when teaching and demonstrating ice climbing. So far she is our fastest climber but several of us are planning on changing that by next year. Oh Yeah did I mention she’s a genius ?


“The Educator”

This guy is the Shit! He’s got a Masters in Blah,Blah,Blah, a Major in Blah,Blah,Bluh and he’s so damn handsome you want to hate him, but we don’t, we Love him ! Luke is well read and a real listener, combined with his charm and infectious smile, you are guaranteed a great day. Luke has a lot of commitments and community responsibilities, so as much as we would like him on every trip his       availability is limited.

Angela Van Wiemeersch

"tHE bOSS"

 Mike "Smiley" Wilkinson

Mike is the team artist, a professional photographer who is always willing to help guide, when he isn't filming models in Hawaii or climbing in Tibet. no wonder the guy is always smiling. to see more of his award winning photography visit mike @


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