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Our guide-to-client ratio never exceeds 1:4. Our rates depend on the size of your party. Price includes a full day of climbing (usually 6 hrs. due to the decreased amount of light during climbing season) and climbing gear rental. Amount of actual climbing time will decrease if climbing locations requested involve longer approaches; example, Dryer Hose or Curtains are a 15 minute walk, Sweet Mother Moses and Giddy Up over an hour depending on physical condition. Our rates include all the necessary technical climbing equipment required. You only need to bring lunch, water and adequate clothing suitable for the time of year. Please see our gear information list below to find suggested clothing needs to keep you warm and dry.

2018/2019  Pricing:

Single 1 on 1        $200 PP

2 to 3 climbers    $150 PP

Groups of 4 +       $120 PP

Our Mission goals involve introducing families and children to the sport of climbing. Please call for group/family rates and special rates for children. We will base these rates on children’s age and experience levels.

All climbers are required to fill out a Participant Agreement form before any climbing or instruction.


• Boots: Single insulated ice climbing boot with crampon compatibility*

• Climbing harness*

• Climbing helmet*

• Ice Tools (2)*

• Crampons:  Step-in with vertical front points must fit your boots*

• Belay device and locking carabiner*

*We will provide these items but we must know in advance, particularly boot size


• If your body runs cold you may want to add another layer

• Long underwear, mid-weight (top & bottom) synthetic, or wool

• Soft shell pant (lightly insulated)

• Fleece or sweater (medium or lightweight)

• Fleece (heavyweight) to have as backup in case your trip is during a cold snap

• Insulated jacket (down or synthetic)

• Waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex)

• Waterproof pants  (Gore-Tex)

• Socks (mid-weight)

• Hat:  Fleece or wool hat that covers ears and fits under a helmet

• Gloves:  One thin pair (medium weight) and one thick pair

• Gaiters (optional)

• Neck gaiter/buff or scarf


• Daypack:  25-40L with ice tool carrying capabilities

• Sunscreen

• Sunglasses

• Thermos:  Optional but wonderful to have

• 1-liter water bottle with insulated sleeve (full!)

• Food for the day:  Energy bars, trail mix, or energy gel

• Hint:  Keep some food in your pockets so it doesn’t freeze

• Camera (optional)





Required Forms

Please read our Participant Agreement form, then submit with name and Email address. We will have forms onsite to sign if needed. Also send equipment form, we will need your shoe size


Reserve your climb

Pay by PayPal by clicking below or Email us your requests and mail in a payment. Call us if you need any help.

See you on the Ice

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